There’s a few ways to contribute to this project.

Do a written, audio, or video interview with someone who you feel that should get the recognition in our industry. Need inspiration? See what  Benjamin Jones did with  Phay MacMahon and  David Davidian. You might even consider doing an interview with a couple folks at the same time. This will help inspire past memories.

Write an article about an event or gear that had impact on our industry. See one of  Mike Callahan’s contributions.

Download a template questionnaire  here. See how  Robbie McGrath answered the questionnaire.

Some suggestions:

In a zoom era, it would seem most of us know the basics. If you’re doing an interview, make sure your audio recording is decent. Most laptops or ear buds mic will work. Just make sure your surroundings are quiet. We can help you get set up if you need it.

If you’re writing an article or the template questionnaire, don’t rush the process. You’ll start to see past memories come flying back at ya. If possible add photos, blueprints etc to help tell the story.

Send us your bio as well so we can add it to the contributors page.

Please don’t submit anything about sex, drugs, backstage antics etc.

Upload interviews, docs, photos. 

If you have an audio or video interview, please email for upload instructions.

Please note:

We may edit your material for content that may seem offensive.

Anything submitted to this site will be vetted. In other words, if we feel the material is in-proper for this site, we won’t post it. We’ll let you know. If you’re unsure, hit us up to discuss beforehand at